The study of art and art history significantly enriches a liberal-arts education, especially in a world that is increasingly shaped by images and the exchange of visual information through a variety of media. The Department's two majors, one in art history and the other in studio art, prepare individuals for a lifelong engagement with visual culture by providing a grounding in the methodological, technical, expressive and analytical skills employed by artists and art historians.


El Gallo
The Rooster and the Rainbow, a solo exhibition by Ann-Manker
September 27, 2017
The Carlos Gallery in the Nabit Art Building at University of the South is pleased to present The Rooster and the Rainbow, an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Georgia artist Ann-Marie Manker.
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Jessica Wohl, "Stars and Bars"
Assistant Professor Jessica Wohl "Love Thy Neighbor" exhibition
October 4, 2016
An exhibition of Assistant Professor Jessica Wohl's "Love Thy Neighbor" will be in the University Art Gallery from Oct. 28-Jan. 27.
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Sewanee announces new opportunity for incoming students with interest in the arts
September 27, 2016
High school students who are interested in being part of Sewanee’s incoming class of 2021, and who have exceptional promise in the arts, are invited to apply for a Fellowship in the Arts.
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