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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory academic progress for need-based financial aid recipients in the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of the South is defined as follows:

  1. maintenance of a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 on the 4.00 scale
  2. achievement of a passing grade for all credit hours attempted during any enrollment period, with allowance for the grade of W, I, or F to be received for no more than on full four-credit hour course in an enrollment period
  3. attainment of a degree in not more than eight academic semesters. Summer semesters attended will count toward your allotted eight semesters of aid eligibility. Please consult with Financial Aid if you have any questions regarding financial aid and summer enrollment
  4. attainment of at least a 1.85 cumulative GPA after the freshman year at Sewanee.

Satisfactory academic progress will be monitored at the end of each semester for all students receiving any form of need-based financial aid for which monitoring is required (i.e., all University-administered need-based scholarship,loan, and work programs; all Federal grant, loan, and work programs; tuition remissions; and Tuition Exchange programs).

Satisfactory academic progress for merit scholars is administered by the Associate Dean of the College, and questions regarding specifics should be referred to that office.

Financial Aid Warning, Probation and Suspension

A need-based recipient will be considered to be on Financial Aid Warning if: he/she does not achieve a 2.00 GPA for any semester, but his/her cumulative GPA remains at least a 2.00; or, if he/she fails to achieve a passing grade for more than one full four-credit-hour course attempted during any enrollment period and it is the first enrollment period during his/her academic career at Sewanee that more than one full four-credit-hour course was not passed. (Grades of W, I and F count as hours attempted, but not passed.) A student on Financial Aid Warning will still be eligible to receive need-based aid. If the student's cumulative GPA drops below the required minimums, or the student again fails to pass more than one four-credit-hour course attempted during a given semester, he/she will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Students may appeal financial aid suspension to the College Standards Committee (as described below).

Any student placed on academic suspension by the College of Arts and Sciences will automatically be placed on financial aid suspension.

Please note: Academic progress standards are not the same as the standards required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid.

Appeals and Reinstatement of Aid

Appeals of the loss of need-based aid will be considered by the College Standards Committee for the following reasons:

  1. Aid has been terminated for failure to make Satisfactory Academic Progress, and the student feels there are reasons for this happening which the Committee should consider
  2. The student has received a grant/scholarship reduction for failure to comply with the priority application date, and he/she feels the reasons for missing the priority date should receive Committee consideration

Should a student wish to appeal either situation, he/she must do so in writing, addressing his/her appeal to the College Standards Committee and mailing it to the Office of Financial Aid, University of the South, 735 University Avenue, Sewanee, Tennessee, 37383-1000. The Committee meets regularly to consider all appeals received by specified dates. The Committee's decision is sent to the student shortly after the meeting takes place.

If the College Standards Committee denies a student’s academic progress appeal, need-based aid may be reinstated if:

  1. The student enrolls as a regular student at the University without benefit of need-based aid and raises his/her cumulative GPA above the required minimums
  2. The student takes an approved leave of absence for one or more regular (i.e., Advent or Easter) semesters. This method of attempting aid reinstatement can be utilized only once during an academic career at Sewanee.

If the student is successful at the first method of reinstating aid eligibility, aid will be automatically reinstated. The second method (approved leave of absence) does not automatically reinstate aid eligibility; rather, at the end of the approved leave, the student must submit a written request for reinstatement to the College Standards Committee, outlining what activities he/she has pursued during the leave and how these activities have prepared him/her to return to, and academically succeed at, Sewanee. The Committee will consider the reinstatement request, and the student will be informed of the Committee's decision.

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