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Mission Statement

The Fraternity/Sorority community at Sewanee strives to promote the growth and fulfillment of both Greeks and non-Greeks through an emphasis on academic achievement, service and philanthropy, leadership, and social development. The thriving Greek Life community at Sewanee prides itself on the non-exclusive, ‘open’ design of fraternities and sororities on campus. Accordingly, the University of the South aims to set an unprecedented example of the ideal contemporary Greek community, in which profound experiences and lifelong relationships are fostered, along with rewound knowledge, perspectives, and community engagement.

Does Greek Life sound like another language to you? Check out our Speak Greek page!
There are several benefits of joining Greek Life at Sewanee. Students who wish to participate in Rush in Jan. 2019 will register on Engage.

Semester Grade Reports

Advent 2018 Grade Reports
Easter 2018 Grade Reports


Learn more about the 10 sororities on campus, benefits of joining a sorority, intersorority council, and policies for living in Sewanee sorority houses.


Learn more about the 11 fraternities on campus, benefits of joining a fraternity, interfraternity council, and policies for living in Sewanee fraternity houses.

Register a Social Event

Use Engage to register a social event. Note that certain student events need to be registered at least two weeks in advance and that any individual or organization that violates the Social Host Policy or the EQB Guide may be subject to disciplinary action. 

2018 - 2019 Greek Sanctions Guide

Parents & Families

Is your student interested in joining a fraternity or sorority at Sewanee? There are many benefits of going Greek, as well as academic and leadership expectations your student will be held to when joining a chapter. You can also view our policies on hazing.

Alumni & Advisors

We have several resources for chapter advisors and alumni.  Be sure to keep up to date on the current Alumni Greek Council and Greek Life Newsletter.

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Greek Life
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